Recording, Mixing & Production
Satellite Studios was established in Melbourne’s northern suburbs in late 2019. The studio was designed and built by owner/engineer/producer Tim Johnston. The studio is fully-soundproofed, and features a control room with overdubbing room attached, and a separate recording space with a semi-concert Yamaha piano. Based in Coburg only 8 km from Melb CDB, in the inner north surrounded by Melb’s best music venues.
Satellite Studio houses a bespoke collection of vintage and modern equipment including; Harrison 32C channel strips, MCI JH-500 channel strips, DBX 160 compressor/limiters, Peluso 2247 LE Valve microphones, Yamaha G5 grand piano, Dynaudio BM 15A – Genelec 1029A – Yamaha NS10 monitors.